Mission Initiatives

The Missions Initiative exists to help our local churches develop short-term ministry as part of long-term mission strategies for the church. Long-term mission strategy of the church focuses towards the planting of churches, the strengthening of the national church, and support of the activities of national churches to bring Christ to the nations. Our Missions Initiative seeks to support these same long-term mission strategies. Converge uses the phrase, “To catalyze movements of reproducing churches – reproducing the life of Christ in disciples, leaders and congregations".

As a Conference, we are bringing focus to mission initiatives in our local churches. We feel that Mission Initiatives done well can be an incredibly effective toward the purpose of world evangelization. We are engaging this process through the development of some tools for entering into conversation with local churches.

We want to help our local churches to:

  • Understand God's call to them as a specific local church through prayer and vision development
  • Engage in leadership and team development
  • Come alongside them in preparation for going
  • Benefit from the experience and skill that is already present in our churches through networking

If you would like to learn more specifically how you can utilize the Short Term Ministry Initiative to move forward in seeking to fully engage your church in the Great Commission call to "Go and make disciples of all nations", please contact the Converge Great Lakes office at 608-244-5000.

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