Planting with Converge


We've learned from experience to choose those who align with the Christian values and agendas similar to our own. We take seriously our responsibility to help place candidates in the best possible ministry fit. That "matching process" includes interviews with you and your spouse, professional assessments, geographical considerations, and sincere prayer.  Because we want you to be comfortable and equipped as you launch in ministry with us, we purposefully partner with teachable visionaries who project a positive approach to creative ministry. Along with that, here's a quick list to describe the planters, pastors, and people in our churches.

People who align with Converge Great Lakes Church Planting typically:

  • Desire being part of a movement! People who love to work together and see churches planted all over our region; Locking arms to do things together that couldn't be done individually.
  • Are Evangelical Christians, as opposed to Legalist Fundamentalist (King James-only people)
  • Are not dispensational in denying the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but not Pentecostal either.
  • Plant churches that intentionally reach out to those who don’t know Christ.
  • Are open to learning from their peers and coaches.
  • Believe that we should be creative and forward thinking in advancing the Kingdom of God, rather than entrenched in a bygone age of what church once was like.
  • Convinced that having fun and strategically passing on the hope of Jesus Christ to those around us, is the best way to live.

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