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Do It Right Financial Seminar

Does your church have new board members, treasurers, or secretaries? Are you just starting a church? Do you have questions, or just want the reassurance that you're 'doing it right'?

Financial laws change frequently. A refresher in the how to's of church finance is important. Converge Great Lakes Church Planters attend this event as part of the church planting process and have found it helpful. You'll come away with practical, current information about accounting systems, housing allowances, pastoral benefits, and ways to inspire stewardship, and much more!  The Do It Right Financial Seminar is offered yearly in conjunction with our Annual Meeting. Look for more information on our events page.


Retool Kit Overview

Healthy churches result in more and better Christ followers; invigorated leaders; growing cross-cultural ministries; and thriving new churches.  We all know that some churches are healthier than others.  We also know that because of Christ’s faithful commitment to His Church, every church can be healthier.

Churches that make an intentional effort at renewing spiritual passion; deepening congregational unity; developing team leadership; discovering new vision; identifying their resources; and understanding their community’s needs grow healthier.  Churches that live with unresolved conflict or inadequate conflict resolution methods; a flawed understanding of the pastor’s role; or an absence of shared vision (agenda harmony) don’t become as healthy as they could be. Converge Great Lakes has resources to help your church address each of those critical areas of church health.

The experiences a church has during the ReTool Kit process are ideal for bringing the body into a shared vision for the ministry they will have together; preparing a church to build or expand their facilities or ministries with intention and purpose; and leading the entire congregation in the discovery of new, God directed, vision, ministry and growth.

CGL holds a Retool Kit Overview Session yearly to give churches a chance to get an overview of the Retool Kit process including information on how each retreat is constructed. Q & A time is available to answer any questions leaders may have prior to engaging in the process. Watch for information on our events page!


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