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Joining with Converge Great Lakes can happen in two ways. Churches can become involved in partnering with Converge or with a Converge church in some project or in some mission activity. Or, a church can affiliate with Converge by becoming a member church in our movement of churches. Here’s what you need to do for either of these ways to join.

Affiliating with Converge

Steps to affiliating include the following:

  • Initial conversation with Converge Great Lakes Regional President – meet to initially discuss the merits and values of affiliation.
  • Converge Great Lakes meeting with your church’s leadership team – discuss all topics related to affiliation including missional compatibility, theological compatibility, and what this relationship might look like.
  • Provide Converge Great Lakes with essential information on your church including documents such as: governing docs, church history, affirmation of faith, financial information, and current ministries info.
  • Submit an official request to affiliate – Provide Converge Great Lakes with information detailing the decision of the church to affiliate. A letter to this effect is adequate.
  • Converge Regional President or his designate meets with the pastor and the leaders of the church to review all documents if necessary. This meeting between your church’s leadership and Converge leaders is for the purpose of mutually discerning God’s will in the affiliation process.
  • Official affirmation by Converge leadership – this involves the Converge Great Lakes Board of Overseers and official church delegates. This will also involve an affirmation/celebration at the Converge Great Lakes Annual Meeting.

To take first steps in the affiliation process, contact Pastor Ken Nabi.

Click here for a copy of the Converge Great Lakes Affiliation Process.

Joining as a Partner Church

Churches may join Converge Great Lakes as a Partner Church by helping to partner in a mission project, a church plant, or with some other specific project Converge Great Lakes is initiating.  As a Partner Church, you may invest financially, with prayer, with manpower, or in some other way.  Converge gives leadership to the project, yet your partnership makes the project stronger for the sake of the Kingdom.  To explore becoming a Partner Church, contact the Converge Great Lakes office at 608-244-5000.

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