Gospel Declaration

What is the purpose of the Gospel Declaration?

The purpose is threefold:

  • First, to keep us grounded in and anchored to the gospel—to have a positive statement of what we are all about as a movement
  • Second, to bring clarity and be faithful to all the multifaceted expressions of the gospel in Scripture
  • Third, to seek to unify us all under the gospel

Clarifying and communicating the message of the Good News about Jesus is increasingly important in this ever changing world.

For whom is it written?

We wrote it to clarify who we are, describing what really burns in our hearts and drives our ministry. We are gospel-centered people.

Why is it needed now?

Our concern is that familiarity with the gospel can breed a kind of neglect. There are always the potential dangers of adding to or subtracting from the gospel. To the extent we do that, it diminishes the transforming capacity of the gospel in our churches.

It's easy to say, “Sure, we affirm this stuff,” take it for granted and try to move on to what we see as more relevant things. But it’s always good to keep alive and in front of us the foundational concepts that drive the organization or ministry. We want to repackage it in ways appropriate for the early 21st century. We want to give Converge people an opportunity to say, “Yeah, this is what we’re about, and we want to affirm it.” Otherwise it’s too easy to let gospel truths become part of the background noise of our lives.

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