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Document Library

These are the new documents.

Title Description Modified Size
2011 Annual Meeting Report Book

2011 ministry reports and financial statements

09/25/2012 6.7 MB application/pdf icon
2012 Annual Meeting Report Book

2012 ministry and financial reports

11/14/2012 9.5 MB application/pdf icon
2013 Annual Meeting Report Book

2013 Ministry and Financial Reports

10/31/2013 7.69 MB application/pdf icon
2014 Annual Meeting Report Book 10/27/2014 3.87 MB application/pdf icon
2015 Annual Meeting Report Book

2015 Ministry and Financial Reports

10/28/2015 2.9 MB application/pdf icon
American Indian Ministry Initiative Study Guides

These four Study Guides go hand-in-hand with the American Indian Ministry Videos that Pastor Chuck Ells developed during the 2012 Annual Meeting. 

09/25/2013 533.44 KB application/pdf icon
Autonomous, but Interdependent

In this brief paper Dr. Perry tackles the subject of the autonomy of the local church and its

relationship to other churches and denominations.

10/29/2013 136.68 KB application/pdf icon
CGL- CWW Affirmation of Faith

Listing of affirmations that depict the foundational beliefs of our denomination, Converge Worldwide and its district affiliates like Converge Great Lakes.

12/10/2012 11.47 KB application/pdf icon
Church Affiliation Process

Brief memo about the process and the documents needed to become a member church.

11/14/2012 29.19 KB application/pdf icon
Church Plant Advancement

Church Planting Advancement Funding Plan

07/19/2012 75.83 KB application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document icon
Dr. Perry's 2013 Vision Report Group Questions

These questions are from Dr. Dwight Perry's 2013 Annual Meeting Vision Report. With the theme "God's Heart: The Great Commission" from Acts 1:8. Please review the video that goes hand-in-hand with these questions.

10/31/2013 528.81 KB application/pdf icon
EFT Authorization Form

Set up automatic giving by submitting the EFT Authorization Form

11/20/2012 367.76 KB application/pdf icon
Faith InDeed (FIND) Mission Trip Q&A

Faith InDeed (FIND) is an experienced team that will walk alongside a church to educate, equip, and mentor the church body with the tools to extend grace and compassion. 

09/25/2013 523.37 KB application/pdf icon
Giving Survey Synopsis

Based on the 2005 financial records of the conference churches who participated in the Giving Task Force survey, Giving Task Force recommended to the Board of Overseers that each conference church prayerfully consider giving 2% or more of its overall budget to the Core Ministries of the Converge Great Lakes.  Based on the input the task force received, they believe this recommendation is not only attainable, but also displays a healthy expression of partnership with the district in our shared goal of reaching communities for Christ.

03/27/2013 61.82 KB application/pdf icon
GLBC Constitution

Constitution and By-Laws of the Great Lakes Baptist Conference

06/26/2014 56.16 KB application/pdf icon
Interim Pastor Protocol

Description of the three types of interim pastoral roles and agreement information.

09/25/2012 100.88 KB application/pdf icon
Lay Leadership Initiative

Specific ways to CGL helps churches build the infrastructure and foundation of a leadership culture

09/25/2012 192.58 KB application/pdf icon
Ministerial Code of Ethics

These standards are set forth in an effort to create professional understanding and to preserve the dignity, maintain the discipline and promote the integrity of our chosen profession—the ministry of Jesus Christ.

All pastors serving in Converge Great Lakes (CGL) are asked to sign this document and return in to the CGL offices via fax or postal mail.

12/10/2012 108.19 KB application/pdf icon
Mission Alignment

Details CGL's mission, values, strategies and expectations of its member churches

09/25/2012 237.4 KB application/pdf icon
Missions Initiatives

Case Statement outlining plan, funding and program

01/29/2016 100.58 KB application/pdf icon
Navigating Pastoral Transitions Protocol

Detailed outline on how to process through pastoral transition

09/25/2012 450.83 KB application/pdf icon
Navigating Pastoral Transitions Summary

Synopsis of CGL's recommended search process

09/25/2012 28.71 KB application/pdf icon
NCD Coaching Brochure

NCD coaching options from CGL

09/25/2012 268.43 KB application/pdf icon
Operation Mobilization

Church guide to a reproducible process to reengagement and renewed vitality

11/26/2012 242.74 KB application/pdf icon
Ordination Policy & Procedures

Polcies and procedures related to ordination in CGL

09/25/2012 132.01 KB application/pdf icon
Ordination Process

Outlines the two ways people can be ordained with CGL

09/25/2012 51.41 KB application/pdf icon
Retool Kit Cost Breakdown

Outlines the costs associated with pursuing the Retool Kit process.

11/20/2012 56.3 KB application/pdf icon

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